Stanbra Farm

Located at 2225 Queensborough Road, Madoc Township, ON.

When you live in a big city, why pay 100% for an Eastern Ontario vacation property, if “Big City Lifestyle” will only allow you to enjoy it 10% of your time?

The Stanbra Farmhouse is circa 1850 and has been beautifully restored/updated, which includes 3 x 2nd floor bedrooms, 3 x bathrooms, modernized kitchen, east and west 1st floor sunrooms, big dining and living rooms, updated appliances, plumbing, heating system and basement.

The farmhouse is powered off the existing Hydro One electrical grid, but has already been electrically modernized with a gasoline generator to provide all electrical power backup needs, in the unlikely event of a potential Hydro One future emergency electrical blackout. There will be solar panels added to the existing Stanbra Farm hidden pasture land to provide self-sufficient renewable clean energy for the farm, that is also sold back to Hydro One as an income source to cover the farm's low monthly operating overhead.

The farm has two existing Artesian wells on site; one of these wells has always provided clean “sweet” drinking water to the farmhouse.

The farm has existing “heritage apple trees” dating back to approximately 1850. Seeds from these heritage apple trees will be grown in the newly built SFP greenhouse and sold as seedlings to market.

The sale of SFP solar power renewable electrical energy to Hydro One, heritage apple tree saplings, etc., will generate monthly income to pay annual overhead and run the farm as owned by the new 10 or less part property farm shareholders. Existing property tax on the farm is approximately $1,670 per year.

If the farm purchase is completed by a maximum of 10 individual part property owners, the deal will include a shareholder’s Agreement, whereby 5.2 weeks that includes at least one week during all four seasons per year is for each shareholder's own exclusive use of the farmhouse, with the actual annual exclusive weeks entitled for each part property owner changing from year to year.

The Stanbra Farm Project has been established to provide part ownership in a completely energy and clean water supplied, self-sufficient, peaceful farm setting and vacation retreat, only a two hour drive from either Toronto or Ottawa.

The price per 1/10th share in the SFP is $76,900 CDN. Canadian and Foreign part or whole property buyers are welcome to make any inquiries; foreigners are welcome to visit Canada for up to 6 month periods at any time.

Stanbra Farm Garden Magazine Article - September 2014

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